The WA District Cricket Council Inc. (WADCCI)
The Western Australian District Cricket Council Inc. is the body that is responsible for the management of Premier Cricket in Western Australia. Each of the 16 Premier Cricket Clubs are represented by a delegate and the day to day affairs are managed by the WADCCI Management Committee in conjunction with the WACA Premier Cricket Management.

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The WADCCI is responsible for the following competitions:

WACA Premier Competition
The WACA Premier Competition is the Premier Club Competition in Western Australia, with players vying for Warriors, Scorchers and national team selection. Retiring international and first class players wishing to continue playing will generally return to their original Clubs. 16 Premier Clubs having four grades each playing two-day and one day matches over fifteen rounds between early October till late March, with the top six sides in each grade making the finals.

One Day League
The One Day League is contested by the 16 Premier Clubs. The top four sides progress to the semi finals.

The Colts competition is an "Under 21" age competition contested by the 16 Premier Clubs, as well as the Country Colts. The top eight sides progress to the semi finals.

Statewide T20 Cup
The Statewide T20 Cup offers Premier Clubs, Country Associations, CricketWest Associations and the WA Indigenous XI the opportunity to play the popular T20 form of the game. The Country Cup and CricketWest Cup are used to determine which Associations progress to the Statewide Qualifier Round, whilst the Premier Clubs play three qualifying rounds on a zonal basis. 12 teams (six District sides, three CricketWest Associations, two Country Associations and the WA Indigenous XI) qualify for the Statewide Qualifier Round, with matches played at four venues. The winners at each venue qualify for the semi finals, with the winners of the semi finals meeting in the final.
Premier Juniors (Under 17 & Under 15)
This is a Saturday morning competition featuring teams from each Premier Club playing a 12-round season. Six teams progress to the finals.

Premier Juniors (Under 14 & Under 13)
This is a Sunday afternoon competition featuring teams from each Premier Club . They play in divisions of eight (north and south), with the top two teams in each division playing off at the semi final stage.

This is a social competition played on Sunday afternoons over seven rounds. All players are over 35 years of age.