Proposed New Committee Structure
Date of Event Mount Lawley D Cricket Club: Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:32PM

The Mt Lawley Cricket Club is in the process of revising its Constitution in accordance with the new Association Incorporation Act of 2015. As part of the change the Club Committee has decided to look at restructuring the committee as well. The proposed new structure would see a reduction from ten committee members down to seven, this is not a constitution change but it will require approval from the members if the new constitution is accepted at the Clubs August AGM.


Six of the new committee structure would be the chairpersons and responsible for a sub-committee. Two of the Sub-committee are already in place, the Senior Cricket Committee and the newly established Junior Cricket Committee. The other four sub-committees relate to Membership & Volunteers, Finance & Sponsorship, Facilities & Management and Communication & Media.


The Treasurer would be the chair of the Finance and Sponsorship Sub-committee and there has been a nomination for this position already. We have also had a couple of possible nomination for other Sub- committee positions but the club would like to take expression of interest for the following Sub Committee positions.


            Membership & Volunteers


                                                            Social Co-ordinator

                                                            Apparel / Equipment Co-ordinator

                                                            Committee Member

            Finance & Sponsorship

                                                            Sponsorship Manager

                                                            Assist Treasurer

                                                            Committee Member

            Facilities & Management

                                                            Chairperson / House Manager

                                                            Stakeholder Manager

                                                            Ground Manager

                                                            Maintenance Manager

            Communication & Media

                                                            Chairperson / Secretary

                                                            Club Registrar

                                                            Media Co-ordinator

                                                            Scorer Co-ordinator


If you wish to help in some other manner the club is more than happy to discuss and if you wish to get involved on a Sub-committee even if all the roles are taken, we would greatly appreciate the support.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Brendan Reid on 0403 316 134 or




Last updated: Wednesday June 27, 2018 11:35PM