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At Mount Lawley District Cricket Club (MLDCC), our coaching team is the driving force behind our success on the cricket field. They bring expertise, dedication, and a passion for the game that's truly inspiring.

In our "Coaches Corner" series, we're excited to introduce you to the brilliant minds moulding our cricket stars of tomorrow. Through a series of brief but insightful questions, you'll get a flavour of their cricket journeys, coaching philosophies, and the invaluable wisdom they impart to our players.

This week we have the pleasure of introducing:

David Virgo

Head Coach


  1. Where did you play most of your cricket growing up? Narrogin, country town in The Upper Great Southern region of WA.

  2. As a player your cricketing skill was… Batting.

  3. Three (3) people you would have to dinner? Warren Buffet, Jimmy Bartel, Richard Branson.

  4. How long have you been at MLDCC and what is your coaching level and role? I played at Mt Lawley as a senior player for 7 or 8 years. Then have coached or assisted and even been on the committee for certain periods of time. 

  5. Why do you choose to coach cricket? I feel I can use my experiences to assist players in their cricket and life skills development and I want to make a difference to the coaching landscape of cricket at a base level. I know there are always ways and methodologies we can be utilising to improve the growth and development of cricketers/people.

  6. What is your coaching philosophy? As a club coach it is crucial to ensure everyone feels as important and valued as the other. We are all important parts of the greater and bigger picture and if people don't feel equally valued then they won't take ownership of the club/teams culture. To empower players to take complete ownership of every outcome and event that takes place in their lives which involves cricket. There are no "What ifs" or "If onlys" in life, just learnings at every stage. This is uncomfortable for all of us but can guarantee constant learning and growth.

  7. Beyond team success, what is your coaching aspirations for your team this season? Become the most improved fielding club in the competition. Finish in the top half of the competition on the Club Championship table. Continue the progression in club culture that was made last season through adversity.

  8. What values do you believe contribute to a good team/club culture? Openness and honesty with each other. Treating each other equally whilst honouring individuality. Celebrating each others successes and failures (faltering under pressure is the best time to learn and grow from). Positivity. Gratitude. Appreciation.

Join us again for the next instalment of “Coaches Corner” where we continue uncovering the unique stories, experiences, and knowhow that make our coaching staff an integral part of our MLDCC cricketing family.

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