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Updated: Aug 30, 2023

In preparation for an electrifying season ahead, we're thrilled to continue a cherished tradition: coming together to proudly sing the Mt Lawley Hawks club song after each hard-fought victory. There's an unparalleled sense of unity and pride that comes with celebrating as a united voice.

Mastery of the club song goes beyond memorising words — it's about melding our voices and sharing in the exhilaration of victory. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the Mount Lawley District Cricket Club (MLDCC), we wholeheartedly encourage each and every one of you to take part and familiarise yourselves with the lyrics.

Remember, as we stand shoulder to shoulder, pouring our hearts into song, we're not just celebrating a win; we're celebrating the countless hours of training, the collective effort, and the unyielding encouragement that have brought us to that triumphant point.

As the season approaches, let's amplify our triumphs even further — by embracing our club song and singing it out with unwavering pride that echoes our teamwork, dedication, and shared passion.

Get ready to revel in victory and show everyone that we are the Mt Lawley Hawks, a team united in skill, harmony, camaraderie and community!

Soar high, Mt Lawley Hawks! 🦅


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