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In the world of sports, every club has its unsung heroes, those individuals whose passion and dedication often go unnoticed. At the Mt Lawley District Cricket Club (MLDCC), we proudly celebrate the beating heart of our organisation – our incredible volunteers – who contribute their time and skills to make this club the vibrant hub it is today and play a pivotal role in shaping its culture and identity.

Read on as we shine a light on these exceptional individuals in these "Volunteers Focus" series by way of interview-style questions to explore the various roles they undertake to keep our club running smoothly.

In this post we welcome to the microphone:

Michelle Reid

Facilities / Grounds Management

  1. What inspired you to volunteer at Mt Lawley DCC, and how long have you been involved with the club? I volunteered to help my husband out, as I wouldn't see him on the weekends.  I've been involved either as a WAG or a volunteer since 1992.

  2. What's your role(s) or responsibilities at the club and what does a typical game day look like for you? My role is looking after the Facilities and Grounds.

  3. What's a memorable experience or achievement at the club you could share with us? Winning the Bayswater/Mt Lawley Cup in the 22/23 season.   All the players came back to the club and celebrated like they had won the Grand Final.  Can you imagine what it would be like when we win a flag?

  4. What motivates you to continue volunteering, and how do you balance your volunteer work with other commitments in your life? I enjoy the interaction with the players and members of the club.  I get to hang out with my husband too.  It's a juggling act with a full time job but I make it work.

  5. What do you find most rewarding about your involvement with Mt Lawley DCC, and how would you encourage others to join and contribute to the club's vision and mission? I enjoy the community of the club and the welcoming feel you get from its members and players.

Tune in for our next guest on “Volunteers Focus” as we delve into more of the selfless personalities around our club and how volunteering at Mt Lawley District Cricket Club is more than just being a team, it's about being part of an inclusive, passionate, and welcoming community / family.

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