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Rain or shine, the Mt Lawley Hawks Under 13’s combined junior squad have been displaying great effort, application, and eagerness to hone their cricketing skills in preparation for the upcoming season. 

Despite the occasional wet weather, these young cricketers have shown unwavering dedication. They've embraced every opportunity to train, even when faced with challenging conditions. Enthusiasm radiates from every corner of the field. It's also clear that this lot isn’t just about the cricket; it's about the camaraderie and passion for the sport that these youngsters bring to the centre wicket.

Their batting drills showcase the promise of future cricket stars, with each player committed to working on their technique, aiming to become more refined with each swing. The bowling drills reveal the raw talent that could soon turn into formidable bowlers, sending stumps flying. The fielding drills demonstrate their willingness to improve and learn in all areas of their game.  Bowling, batting, and fielding – every aspect covered with a zeal that's hard to come by.

And let's not forget their coaches - Sree Bhaskaran (U13’s Coach), Aaron Petchell (U13’s Futures Coach), David Hawkins (U13’s Assistant Coach) - who are equally enthusiastic as they themselves brave the elements to run the weekly training sessions for this energetic bunch. Their  continued dedication to nurturing these young talents and instilling the core values of cricket is admirable. Emphasising the importance of teamwork and teaching them the skills that will serve as the foundation for their cricketing journeys.

So, as the sun peers through the clouds at Breckler Park, it's a reminder that even amidst wet weather (of late), there's a bright future ahead for the Mt Lawley Hawks Under 13’s junior squad. Their eagerness and resilience are a testament to the exceptional spirit of cricket at Mount Lawley District Cricket Club, and we can't wait to see them shine on the field this season.

Go Hawks! 🦅

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