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Updated: Aug 24, 2023

The anticipation and excitement was palpable as the Revo Sports indoor nets buzzed with activity during the first 2023/24 preseason training session for the U15's and U17's Mt Lawley Hawks junior cricket teams. With a blend of existing and eager new young talents led by our experienced coaches, the session marked the beginning of the preseason as they work on honing their skills, building camaraderie, and setting the tone for a successful season ahead.

The session kicked off with a dynamic warm-up, focusing on stretches mobility exercises to prevent injuries and get the blood flowing. Players were visibly charged up, showing their determination to make the most out of every moment of training and in the nets. The players took turns rotating through various skill stations meticulously set up across the facility. Batting, bowling, and fielding were the key areas of focus, as well as practicing some running between the wickets.

Under the watchful eye of Simon Homsany (U15's Coach), Michael Hay (U17's Coach) and Vaughan Leonard (U17's Assistant Coach), batsman practiced their stance, grip, and shot selection in the run-up nets as they faced their teammates bowling. Coaches stressed the importance of adapting to different ball deliveries and encouraged players to experiment with their shots while maintaining proper technique. Meanwhile, with the bowling, our young bowlers worked on their run-ups, release points, and variations. The emphasis being on refining their techniques while introducing strategies to outwit the opposition.

Notably the session was one of contagious positive energy with players cheering each other on and strategising on the spot. Often times it appeared the boys were relishing the friendly and positive match-ups of sorts that brought together the skills practiced during the training. This also provided the coaches with valuable insights into how well the players were adapting their training to real-game scenarios.

As the session drew to a close, the coaches gathered the players for a huddle. Coaches Simon and Mike addressed their respective teams, and praised their dedication and eagerness to learn. Of particular emphasis was that cricket is not just about individual brilliance, but also about fostering a sense of unity and sportsmanship that would be crucial on and off the field.

The first preseason training session concluded with smiles and high-fives all around. Players left the indoor centre tired yet invigorated, knowing that this was just the beginning of an exciting journey. The foundations have been laid, skills polished, and camaraderie built, with more to come – all of which will undoubtedly contribute to a successful season for the Mt Lawley Hawks U15's and U17's junior cricket teams.


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